Rental of containers from 2 to 40 yards

Montreal and South Shore

Containers for rent

Rolling bins, containers and compactors - Residential, commercial and institutional - Waste and recycling

No matter the size of your project and needs, Ricova is the partner you need! Thanks to a speedy, courteous, and professional service, our team is oriented towards satisfying our client.

The impressive fleet of Ricova trucks ensures you fast and quality service.

The solution for renovation work, roofing,
earthmoving or demolition!

Front-loading Containers

Mockup containers Ricova
Front-Loading Truck
Quick and flexible, front-loading collections possesses the possibility of using different types of containers.


Mockup roll-off Ricova
Roll-off Truck
Roll-off containers are perfect for organisations that generate a large volume of residual material, such as groceries and food markets, industries, as well work such as renovation, demolition roofing and earthworks.

Container rental at very competitive prices in Montreal and on the South Shore

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Competitive prices

Treat yourself with our services tailored just for you!

The impressive fleet of trucks of Ricova assures you a fast and quality service

Frequently asked questions about containers

Yes, if you call us before noon.

As long as you need it. Rental fees apply after the 7th day of rental.

Greater Montreal area.

Yes, the prices depend on the distance between your home and the sorting centre where we will drop off the material

Only if you have to put it on the street.

You must apply for a permit from your municipality. In general, you can find the application on the city’s website.

For a temporary rental, you can pay by credit card. You can also open an account in your company’s name.

No, all expenses will be well explained to you at the outset by your dedicated single advisor.

We have different formats:

  • 10 x 7 x 4 cube rods

  • 20 x 7 x 4 cube rods

  • 30 verges cube 20’ x 7’ x 6’

  • 40 verges cube 20’ x 7’ x 8’

Everything except hazardous waste (see next question).

All hazardous products such as tires, chlorine, paint, solvents, grease, propane cylinders, etc. They are generally identified by a diamond-shaped logo.

It depends on the weight of the material you put in the container. The maximum allowed to be transported on roads is 12 metric tons. Note that during the thaw period (around March to May) the maximum is 8.5 metric tons. We will provide you with the suitable container according to the material.

By the back door or by the top.

In your driveway, if you have the necessary distance, or in front of the street if you have the permit.

Depending on the material in the container, we will direct them to a certified centre.

Yes, we do that if your project requires it.

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